ABC Flat Twin

We have just released our artist impression of our new motorcycle we are considering producing next year. Its closely based on the revolutionary original Granville Bradshaw designed and Sopwith Aviation built ABC 400 from 1918.

It looks similar to the original but is a totally modern design. It has a two stroke flat twin engine as the original but the engine is a new design with a capacity of 521cc and is housed in a stainless steel tubular frame. It runs fuel injection and produces around 50hp and is mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox. The original front and rear leaf spring suspension is replaced with period style modern shock absorbers, but the front retains the original girder fork design. The new bike has the same wheelbase as the original at 1420mm.

Our managing director said, “we own both the ABC and Sopwith brands so building a new ABC motorcycle in conjunction with Sopwith is a natural progression for us. Its history repeating itself and what a great way to bring public attention to these great British companies, especially to the younger generation who may not be aware of their rich histories and great achievements. The original bike was ahead of its time and we want to recreate it but with modern design and engineering”

The bike is in concept stage at the moment and the company would welcome any feedback from the public on the design of the bike.

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