Together with our companies Natures Natural Power and Earth Power Technologies, which are focused on producing green energy more efficiently than anything available on the current market, BDI has launched Co2 Capture Technologies.


Though founder Phil Bevan has had an international patent for his Co2 capture system for many years, the time is now right to develop this and bring it to market. The alarming global rise of Co2 of 50% since 2019 brings the problem sharply into focus.


The system is based around a patented material which has a unique structure that allows air to pass through while capturing the Co2 within it. The material acts as a filter and can be made and formed in any size. The material is replaced over a period of time while the original piece can be washed and reused over and over again.


Plans are being developed to make roof mounted units for trucks and buses, together with a unit that can be mounted to the back of a wing turbine.


For more information on Co2C Technologies please go to the website  ….. Click Here

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