We Bring Ideas To Life

We possess the power to take even the wildest ideas and turn them into real-world solutions.


The BDI team are developing sustainable inventions that address specific challenges faced by society, while also creating economic value. This involves conducting research and identifying opportunities for new product development, using inputs from customers, industry experts, and research institutions, among others.


Our vision is to create a world that is more productive, innovative, and connected through the use of technology and engineering. BDI's sustainable products are designed to meet the needs of customers who are increasingly concerned about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment.


We foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and open communication, encouraging our team members to share ideas and work together towards a common goal. BDI challenge the status quo to identify novel approaches to business problems to build and produce a better solutions.

About Bevan Davidson Int.

Bevan Davidson International is an automotive design and development company founded in 2015 by Phil Bevan. It continues Britain’s long tradition of pioneering work within this industry. Phil Bevan has been designing and building vehicles since 1969, but his innovation has extended well beyond motorised transport, into agriculture, environmental health, fumigation, sterilisation, aerodynamics, engineering and marine sectors, among others.

BDI’s headquarters are in Swaffham in the heart of Norfolk, England. Operationally BDI specialises in R&D work, all aspects of design, engineering and manufacturing and all types of prototypes from parts to complete vehicles. Many of these are for BDI’s subsidiary companies, whose product lines span a state of the art ambulance to several configurations of supercar to specialist electric urban transport vehicles.

Sustainable Innovative Projects

Our Mission is to create a revolutionary new ambulance which solves the problems of existing designs while bringing new technology and ideas to help reduce opertingcosts and to save lifes.
City Scoot can travel up to 260 miles on the full charge with interchangeable batteries. Our batteries can charge within four minutes.
NNP launches revolutionary new wind turbine which can be retoro fitted to exiting masts to maximise output.
Crushed glass is mixed with fire retardant resign to create an incredibly strong material with amazing properties.

Our Driving Force

Our driving force is the development of a better future for everyone with an outlook to innovate in engineering practices and look at everything from a new perspective.

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