The dramatic Connaught Speedster in taking shape!

This is a radical concept from the companies designer Steve Kirk, combining the looks and driving experience of the early single seat race cars that made Connaught famous. It is basically a vintage race car for the road. To make life a little easier for the owner driver it has a coupe roof and locking doors incorporated into the dramatic sloping roof line. It also has a boot accessed via the lift up rear window.

Steve said “imagine having your own 1950,s light weight grand prix car for the road, what an amazing driving experience that would be. This would be a car you would take out purely for the pleasure of driving it!”

Power is from an all alloy fuel injected Villiers 2 litre V 10 running through a six speed manual gearbox. The car is very light weight due to its thin wall stainless steel spaceframe chassis and combined with the howl of the V10 should make for a spirited and exhilarating drive.

Later versions could incorporate a targa top arrangement and a supercharged engine.

The images below are of the full size body styling mock up built so we can fully check the body lines from all angles, perfect the details and finalise the internal ergonomics.





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